20F & 25F Picadilly Star 4th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 1636 Metro Manila 11F SM Aura Office Tower, Bonifacio Global Citys 19F & 20F Uptown Place Tower 2, Bonifacio Global City 29F Rufino Pacific Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City 9F V Corporate Center, L.P. Leviste Street, Makati City 5F Rockwell Business Center Tower 1, Ortigas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City


Terms and Conditions


  • ‘HUBBER’ means you (the person or organisation who signed up for a membership).
  • ‘IHM’ means Impact Hub Manila, registered as Impact Hub PH, Inc.
  • ‘KMC’ means KMC MAG Solutions, Inc.
  • ‘Membership Form’ means Personal Details page.
  • ‘Mutual Expectations’ or ‘Expectations’ are what HUBBER and IHM/KMC both say


  • The Membership form needs to be agreed to by HUBBER and IHM/KMC before HUBBER commence membership.
  • This relationship is between HUBBER and IHM/KMC. It is built on respect, trust and understanding. HUBBER cannot assign his/her membership to someone else without IHM/KMC agreeing to it first.
  • IHM/KMC provides the following services on a non-exclusive basis:

   Lounge and Hot Desk Membership
For Lounge membership: Lounge and Pantry Workstation
For Hot Desk membership: Lounge, Pantry and Private Room* Workstation. This is on a not-for-reservation base only. In case of reservation additional charges will apply.

  • The office hours are 8am to 6pm
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Air-conditioning during office hours
  • High-security (biometrics scan access or proximity card)
  • Access to shared restrooms
  • Complimentary coffee and drinking water provided
  • Inclusive of utilities expense (Power and Water)
  • Cleaning (Monday to Friday)
  • Free/and or discounted skill-share and education events and workshops
  • Discounted premium events
  • Digital access to global community with 15,000+ innovators through HubNet
  • Discounted access to 81+ global Impact Hub locations
  • Additional Charges will apply for printing, scanning, parking, reservation of meeting and event spaces.

*upon availability. IHM/KMC can not guarantee access to private room at all times.

    Connect Membership*

The connect membership is a (virtual) membership and no workspaces is included.

HUBBER will get access to:

  • Digital access to global community with 15,000+ innovators through HubNet
  • Discounted access to 81+ global Impact Hub locations
  • Free/and or discounted skill-share and education events and workshops
  • Discounted premium events
  • The minimum term of the membership shall be:
  • Lounge and Hot Desk: minimum of three (3) months.
  • Connect: minimum of one (1) year.

*The membership commences every first (1st) of the month. In case of starting membership earlier, the remaining month must be paid first and after invoicing happens on the first (1st) of the month. This can result to additional days over the three (3) months minimum duration.

The membership/s is/are continuous as following:

  • Lounge and Hot Desk: additional 3 months
  • Connect: additional 1 year
  • until IHM/KMC receive HUBBERs termination.
  • HUBBER has the right to terminate the membership at any time after minimum duration (see above) by serving a written notice to IHM/KMC, at least thirty (30) days prior to effective date of termination.

Should HUBBER wish to cancel the membership, no refunds on the membership payments will be granted.


If HUBBER wishes to change the membership, HUBBER will need to adjust the membership accordingly through a written notice strictly thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the month. If HUBBER wishes to change the membership to a customized plan that is not visible on the website, then it is important that HUBBER furnishes a written notice to a representative of IHM. For dedicated space, KMC will be the handling partner.


‘The Spaces’** means the facilities of KMC at:

  • Picadilly Star

20th & 25th Floor

4th Ave. cor. 27th St.

Bonifacio Global City

  • SM Aura Office Tower

11th Floor, McKinley Parkway

Bonifacio Global City

  • Uptown Place Tower 2

19th and 20th Floor,

11th Ave.Uptown Bonifacio,

Bonifacio Global City

  • Rufino Pacific Tower

29th Floor

Ayala Avenue

Makati, Metro Manila

  • V Corporation

Makati, Metro Manila

Rockwell Business Center Tower 1

5th Floor

  • Rockwell Business Center Tower 1

Ortigas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

**IHM/KMC has the right to change, add or cancel access to the premises.


HUBBER shall take all reasonable care for the facilities and premises. Any damage, save for ordinary wear and tear, by the HUBBER or any of its guests and employees shall be paid by HUBBER not later than 5 days of the damage.


Payment is to be received in full on or before due date, which is the first (1st) of every month (see 2.). HUBBER shall pay a two percent (2%) surcharge by way of penalty every week the invoice is not paid on time with a minimum charge of Php500; to be computed from the time the rental is due until full payment.

Following are the membership costs:

  • Lounge Membership: 2,900 PHP per month***
  • Hot Desk Membership: 4,900 PHP per month***
  • Connect Membership: 400 PHP per month***

*** Above fees are subject to reasonable adjustments without prior notice

Payment Methods:

IHM accepts the following modes of payment:

  • Online: PayPal (or other online tool). The receiving email is:
  • Checks: Please address all checks to: Impact Hub PH Inc.
  • Bank Transfer: For Wiring Instructions****:


Account Number: 0000-002036-846

Branch: Security Bank – Fort Infinity Branch

Address: G/F The Infinity Tower, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Routing Number: CHIPUID010457

Swift Code: SETCPHMM

  • Cash

****Bank charges may apply for the account of the Client


The first transaction (minimum duration, see 3.) has to be paid in full.

Continuing IHM/KMC reserves the right to bill monthly by an automatic online payment or post dated cheques have to be submitted.


Consultation services – upon request, HUBBER may consult/seek the assistance of IHM mentors or coaches for any queries, referrals, and/or assistance which shall be subject to a per hour rate of PHP 2,500.00*****.
***** Above fees are subject to reasonable adjustments without prior notice.

Meeting privileges are allowed for HUBBERS, granted a limit of up to two (2) guests for a maximum of two (2) hours per day. In case HUBBER wants to reserve/book a meeting room or event space additional costs will apply.

Example included in package: If you have a meeting at 9AM with your guest/s, please ask admin if a meeting room is free.

Examples inclusive of additional charges: Reserving/booking a room/space prior to your meeting, Reserving/Booking a space for an event, Reserving/Booking Boardrooms or Training rooms, and Having more than two (2) guests.


IHM/KMC can only provide the Spaces at the prices stated in this document.

Meetings: Please understand that to be fair to other members, IHM/KMC may need to limit guest access during peak periods. If, for whatever reason, HUBBER needs additional guest access, please limit to two (2) guests per day and two (2) hour limit for each guest.

Internet usage: No spamming, posting or downloading files that are illegal, or that HUBBER has no rights to, or accessing any other devices connected to IHM/KMC network or the internet HUBBER does not have permission to access. The usage of Internet for heavy downloading/uploading is not condoned and any acts which may affect the quality of usage of the service for other users will not be tolerated.

IHM/KMC reserves the right to terminate HUBBER membership if HUBBER’s behaviour is deemed inappropriate and/or unacceptable. Membership fees for the days to come will be returned in such instances.


Respect is critical to our relationship. It extends HUBBER and IHM/KMC, its employees or any other person acting in its behalf, shall neither disclose in any way to any third party any Confidential Information obtained from or by a Party, or any of its officers and representatives, from the disclosing Party, nor use the said Confidential Information in any way directly or indirectly detrimental to the disclosing Party, or for any other purpose other than for the provision of the service provided herein.

This confidential information particularly includes any  financial  information,  spread sheets  and/or reports, any proprietary tools, systems in the transmitted, soft or hard copy form and  including any information that may be considered confidential including but not limited to any trade secrets but does not include any information:

which at the time of disclosure is in the public domain or which after such disclosure comes into the public domain through no fault of a party; or

which was available on a non-confidential basis from a source other than the disclosing party, provided that such source is not and was not bound by a confidentiality Agreement with said disclosing party; or,

the disclosure of which is required by law.

Each of the parties shall ensure that its directors, employees and advisors and each other individual to which the Confidential Material is disclosed adhere to.

IHM/KMC may use some of the applicant consents for research purposes.


IHM/KMC shall not be liable or responsible for: Any damage or disturbance suffered whether directly or indirectly for any business losses, damages, injuries sustained by the HUBBER or any such person due to any failure, fluctuation, interruption, malfunction, explosion or suspension of the internet, electricity, water, telephone, telex, facsimile, emergency power or other public utility services.

In the unlikely event that HUBBER fails to meet Expectations in regard to this relationship then IHM/KMC would expect that HUBBER compensates IHM/KMC for any financial losses that IHM/KMC incurs.


IHM/KMC understands that sometimes events happen that are out of our control and that such events could stop either HUBBER or IHM/KMC from meeting our mutual expectations. This includes things like natural disasters, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire or the delay or failure in manufacture, production, or supply by third parties of equipment or services. In such cases, we (HUBBER and IHM/KMC) both agree that the other party will not be liable for any delay or failure to meet its Expectations. We (HUBBER and IHM/KMC) both agree that IHM/KMC will endeavor to meet our Expectations as soon as possible following the event occurring


HUBBER and IHM/KMC agrees not to seek, attempt to pirate, offer, solicit, or conduct programs for the clients of the other party, or accept any business by the said clients of the other party without the written consent of that party.


In case of default, HUBBER hereby appoints IHM/KMC, its authorized agents and/or representatives, as his duly authorized attorney-in-fact, with power of substitution, with full power and authority to take over, open, enter, occupy, padlock, secure, enclose, discontinue utilities, and/or take full and complete physical possession and control of the Leased Premises without resorting to judicial action.


The unpaid Fees and charges payable by HUBBER to IHM/KMC under this Contract shall constitute a preferred lien over the personal properties of HUBBER  located within the Premises in accordance with Articles 2241 and 2243 of the Civil Code of the Philippines.


This Terms and Conditions shall become effective upon signing of Registration, Membership or any equivalent document by the HUBBER and IHM and shall remain in full force during the membership period until terminated by either party.

All charges will be directly handled by your counterparty (IHM).



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